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January 12, 2015

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Chemicals used for Electroplating

When working with electroplating, there are a number of chemicals you may be using. From zinc oxide and chromic acid to nickel chloride and sulfuric acid, there are many chemicals that may be involved in your plating process. Here is  →
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Why Choose International Plating Technology

The manufacture and design of plating equipment is a very specific and special process so you should look for a company that has the unique set of skills to deliver the equipment you need. International Plating Technology in Bristol, CT  →
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The Importance of Networking Groups

Networking groups are valuable resources for business owners who want to grow their companies within their communities. Networking with other professionals helps businesspeople get the word out about their companies, generate leads, and find solutions to problems. Professional networking groups  →
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Benefits of Modular Equipment Skids

If your business has specific needs for positioning equipment that ordinary skids won’t solve, International Plating Technology has the solution: modular equipment skids. By customizing and engineering fabricated process skids you can ensure that you special equipment and machinery is  →
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What is Aqueous Cleaning Equipment?

Aqueous cleaning equipment is specialized commercial cleaning devices that are used to clean delicate items and parts. These industrial cleaners can be found in automatic hoist systems for basket or rack transfer, continuous conveyor, rotary drum and rotary table. Aqueous  →
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Respond Fast to Hacking Incidents

In the days leading up t Thanksgiving 2013 a hacker broke into the security and payment system of retail giant Target and installed a malware program. The malicious code was designed to steal every credit card used at the company’s  →
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Being Safe with Winter Sports

Whether you enjoy twisting off half-pipes during snowboarding or trying a complete somersault on a snowmobile there are plenty of risks that come into play when doing recreational activities outside during the winter. Snow and ice are hazardous surfaces and  →
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Car Wraps Can Increase the Bottom Line for Connecticut Businesses.

A car wrap is a great advertising tool that pays off every time you hit the road in Connecticut. Let’s start with cost-effectiveness. Car wraps are a one-time investment in advertising. Once the wrap is purchased, the cost is done.  →
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Winning over Trade Shows

No matter what your business is, chances are you will be attending a trade show at some point in your career. There’s also a good chance that your company will be setting up a table or booth at a large  →
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Make 2014 the Year you get out of Debt

Have you been dealing with debt? Are your credit cards maxed out and the interest rates rising? Is your home facing foreclosure and is the bank threatening to repossess your car? If you answered yes to any of those questions  →
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