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September 28, 2016

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For Connecticut Students, Getting into College Isn’t What it Used to Be

Students throwing their mortarboards in the air after graduating college. It used to be that most high school students in Connecticut took the SAT, talked to their guidance counselor, sent out a few applications, and went the first college that said “yes.” But those days are long gone. College is  →
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Best Franchise Opportunities in Connecticut Under $500,000: Between Rounds Bagels

If you’re looking for a new career with control over your job you can buy a ready-made business franchise. Franchise fees vary, and if you’re looking for the best franchise opportunities under $500,000, Between Rounds Bagels is an exceptional choice  →
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The Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunity in CT: Between Rounds Bagels

If you’re a Connecticut resident looking for a franchise business, take a close look at Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café, which was listed first among bagel franchises by Entrepreneur and is the best restaurant franchise opportunity in CT. The South  →
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Broken Sump Pump Switch? How to Replace Your Sump Pump Float Switch

Sump pumps don’t get an awful lot of attention from most homeowners – that is, until it’s too late. It’s not hard to understand why, to be fair. Sump pumps aren’t exactly the most conspicuous part of a house. Their  →
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Chemicals used for Electroplating

When working with electroplating, there are a number of chemicals you may be using. From zinc oxide and chromic acid to nickel chloride and sulfuric acid, there are many chemicals that may be involved in your plating process. Here is  →
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Why Choose International Plating Technology

The manufacture and design of plating equipment is a very specific and special process so you should look for a company that has the unique set of skills to deliver the equipment you need. International Plating Technology in Bristol, CT  →
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The Importance of Networking Groups

Networking groups are valuable resources for business owners who want to grow their companies within their communities. Networking with other professionals helps businesspeople get the word out about their companies, generate leads, and find solutions to problems. Professional networking groups  →
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Benefits of Modular Equipment Skids

If your business has specific needs for positioning equipment that ordinary skids won’t solve, International Plating Technology has the solution: modular equipment skids. By customizing and engineering fabricated process skids you can ensure that you special equipment and machinery is  →
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What is Aqueous Cleaning Equipment?

Aqueous cleaning equipment is specialized commercial cleaning devices that are used to clean delicate items and parts. These industrial cleaners can be found in automatic hoist systems for basket or rack transfer, continuous conveyor, rotary drum and rotary table. Aqueous  →
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Respond Fast to Hacking Incidents

In the days leading up t Thanksgiving 2013 a hacker broke into the security and payment system of retail giant Target and installed a malware program. The malicious code was designed to steal every credit card used at the company’s  →
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