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September 28, 2016

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Repairing Gutters after Hurricane Sandy

Now that Hurricane Sandy has left her mark on the coastline of several states including New Jersey, New York and Connecticut it’s time for homeowners to come out from their shelters and survey the damage the storm has brought. If  →
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Why You Should Clean and Inspect Your Gutters This Fall

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in its entirety at Gutter cleaning is an important household chore that many homeowners like to avoid. The gutters are meant to direct rainwater and melting snow away from your house. If they  →
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Broken Sump Pump Switch? How to Replace Your Sump Pump Float Switch

Sump pumps don’t get an awful lot of attention from most homeowners – that is, until it’s too late. It’s not hard to understand why, to be fair. Sump pumps aren’t exactly the most conspicuous part of a house. Their  →
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Discount Dinettes Offers Quality Dining Furniture at Affordable Prices

Discount Dinettes is a family-owned and -operated online retailer specializing in the sale of quality dining room and outdoor furniture and parts for your home. Discount Dinettes carries all of the furniture you will need for your dining room or  →
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Will Geese Leave for the Winter?

Since Canada geese are adaptable to many habitats it is not guaranteed that they will leave the Northeast when winter comes. While you may see the familiar V-formation of geese migrating south for the winter around November it is not  →
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Time to Seal Connecticut Homes

With Halloween only four days away and the evening temperatures dropping into the 30’s, now is the time for Connecticut homeowners to check their dwellings for openings that can be used by wild animals as an entrance. This is the  →
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The Many Advantages of Glass Fencing

A pool is a desirable feature for many homeowners, but it is one that should also be fenced in to prevent accidents. Many styles of fencing are available, but glass fencing offers several benefits compared to other types. Frameless glass  →
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Animal Watch as Summer Ends

Now that August has arrived it is time to start thinking about safeguarding your home from wild animals including squirrels, raccoons and skunks. During the summer these critters enjoy roaming about the great outdoors but at the first sign of  →
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The Importance of Spring Gutter Cleaning

As we get closer to June, and eventually the start of summer, the time for cleaning your gutters is running out. Gutter specialists recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year; once at the end of fall when all the leaves  →
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What Happens if you don’t Clean your Gutters

As a homeowner in Connecticut you are always looking for areas in which you can save money. Let’s be honest, property taxes and the cost-of-living is not cheap and each year the costs for maintaining a home seems to increase  →
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